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We are never giving up on our 50-year-old, sometimes laborious, tradition and on it, we strengthen our foundations.


3. floor / Location no 2 / Phone: 033 257 974

When you open restaurant, almost no one will even notice. However, once back in 1963 Ejub Mrkva in the heart of Sarajevo, on Baščaršija opened one of the first local restaurants and it was a big attraction indeed.

Cook in WWII, caterer since 1946, Ejub with his wife Pasha and their three minor children, opened restaurant ‘Kod Mrkve’ , which in addition to the five of them, was permanently employing another worker.

At that time of twist and rock and roll, one portion of meatballs cost two dinars, and the rows in front of ‘Mrkva’ were known to be long for even a few tens of meters! Across today’s restaurant ‘Mrkva’, Ejub and his family owned a small shop where they produced meatballs – the only food they offered in those times.


Real expansion, the restaurant had in the early seventies. Then ‘Mrkva’ is becoming known outside Sarajevo. With the opening of the former Yugoslavia to the world, guests in ‘Mrkva’ were of all races and religions. In those years, food offer got wider so ‘Mrkva’ started offering burgers and sausages. In the mid seventies in Sarajevo, a new similar restaurant was opened and the competition became stronger. However, ‘Mrkva’ was different because they were offering the meatballs prepared by the family recipe – used even today.


The eighties were the golden age of Sarajevo, as well as for us. On the eve of and during the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo in 1984, our guests were many celebrities, but also the "little" guests do not leave us, here for 50 years.

Ten years after the Olympics, the storm of war closing our shop, and restaurant did not work in 1993 and 1994. Ejub Mrkva closed his shop and opened a soup kitchen. Until his death in 1994, he remained in close contact with the highest value of your business - your customers. This time helping them.


In 1995, Ejub’s daughters, Fadila and Amira reopen ‘Mrkva’. After the war, a new era for ‘Mrkva’ begun. The new, faster pace of life encourages us to think about expanding the offer. So today in ‘Mrkva’, apart from the already legendary meatballs, burgers and sausages, you can enjoy the flavors of veal cutlet, kebabs, steaks, chicken fillets, and many other homemade specialties from the barbecue, prepared according to traditional family recipes.

Fadila and Amira slowly left the managing of the restaurant to their children – the third generation of Mrkva.


In 1997 we started home delivery. With a few dozen employees, today restaurant ‘Mrkva’ morphed into a serious business for the benefit of all. In addition to restaurant on Bascharsia, their specialties prepared in a central kitchen by the strict standards, today can be found on Grbavica, Dobrinja, Dolac Malta and Sarajevo City Center.

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