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The suits are designed for cosmopolitans, people who love classical music, and who at the same time keep up with the latest fashion trends.


1. floor / Location no 9 / Phone: 033 733 125

Granoff is a company specialized in men's fashion. The suits are designed for cosmopolitan, people who love classical music, and who at the same time keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Since its foundation the company Granoff set a clear goal that their quality build brand worthy of respect in the fashion world, who will use their creativity and modern design solicit fashion trends. The basic formula of our success is the quality!


Granoff uses only Italian fabrics made from natural fibers (wool, cashmere, cotton, silk ...) renowned manufacturers of fabrics. A number of the fabric has been specially designed and processed at our request.

Quality fabrics that are used for the production of men's suits ranging from international standards for quality, category Super 100'S, Marzotto - a company that is majority owner of Boss, JF Ferre, Valentino, Marlboro Classic, a Missoni-I, to the Super 200'S, Loro Piano, which exclusively produce fabrics for Granoff and companies like Brioni, Kiton ...

Granoff is also the general agent for Ermenegildo Zegna, Cerutti 1881 and Tessilstrona fabric. In order to quality fabrics, their vulnerability and the final processing, production of our garments we perform in Murine plants in Slovenia only in these areas meet our high criteria and requirements.


We have our own production facilities shirt and tie so that we are able to produce the same size and serial out. We are one of few manufacturers who do not have a daily production quota, purely for our core priorities, and that is the quality of the product.


When choosing fabric for shirts we prefer cooperation with the firm Monti, whose product is 100% combed cotton during processing required passing a series of processes such as merceliziranje, stabilizers, etc. sarforiziranje. These processes greatly enhance the quality of cotton and put it above the competition.


Silk is used to produce our ties are also supplied from Italy, drives the most famous and highest quality producers of silk - Seth Tessuti & sbquo Giussani, and Canepa who besides Granoff's work together and with the top companies of high fashion such as Armani, Versace, Gucci & sbquo Prada.


Their new collections regularly present at fashion events like the Fashion Week, and our clients are also many personalities of public life from both BiH and the world.

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