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History Flormar&apos;s starts in 1970 in Milan, Italy. In 1986, production was moved to Turkey in the new and ultra-modern facilities in Istanbul.<br /><br />Flormar began as a company specializing in nail polish and soon became a leader in its field, as clearly recognizable and popular brand of women in Turkey. After that, Flormar has developed its range of products entering the world of professional cosmetics.


0. floor / Location no 21 / Phone: 033 951 501

Today, Flormar offers the most complete line of beauty products with more than 800 items: liquid foundations, pressed powder, eye shadow, mascara, lipsticks, nail polish and accessories, all produced in compliance with strict requirements for quality at surprisingly low prices.


All Flormar products are manufactured in KOSAN KOZMETIK Sanayi ve Ticaret AS in Gebze, Turkey factory.


Today Flormar global company, the leader in its sector. The seat of business in Istanbul, in a modern building of 15,000 square meters and with a capacity of over 100 million per year, of which 60% is devoted to exports.


Privacy Flormar is to offer a complete range of professional beauty products at the right price. Hundreds of products offered to consumers in a variety of alternative textures, colors and changes to meet the most sophisticated requirements. According to the latest market research, Flormar is best known cosmetic brand in Turkey. Widespread acceptance has in all markets where it is introduced. This impressive result shows that Flormar most important make-up brand in this segment.

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