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BIOfan stands out from the others for its affordable prices, proven and quality range of foods that come from around the world.


-1. floor / Location no 19 / Phone: +38761 040 970

BIOfan is the first BiH brand of certified organic foods with the numerical designation BA-BIO-101 and a green leaf that is recognizable around the world.  In addition to strict quality controls, all foods that make up the BIOfan range are subject to another control, and that is our internal control. Everything we try, make and cook we share in the form of recipes via facebook, instagram and via our blog. BIOfan is not just a brand, it is LOVE, it is a family, our passion for food, it is a concern for overall health and raising the quality of life. We are proud to have the first analyzed foods in our offer, which, in addition to the label that they are also organic, also carry the label "gluten-free". The analysis of food is carried out in an accredited laboratory and according to the valid regulations on the labeling of food that bears the label "gluten-free". We try to have only those foods in the range, with an organic certificate that confirms the purity of the food, but also that it is GMO-free, without additives or any other additives. We choose only the best and highest quality, so even if it is a product that does not have the organic label, its quality must be confirmed. However, BIOfan is not just a path to healthy foods, but it is a recognizable concept of a healthy story that is lived in truth. Our main asset is the knowledge we have gained through many years of experience, continuous education, education, seminars and professional visits. We selflessly share this knowledge with our customers with an individual approach and a multitude of free advice, while for specific needs we offer the option of professional nutrition counseling. Our offer includes over 200 certified and natural products from the category of BIO foods, superfoods, natural cosmetics, aromatherapy and household appliances. Visit us in our store in the SCC shopping center (Sarajevo City Center, Vrbanja 1) on - 1 or in our web store www.shop.biofan.ba. Become our companion on social networks, blog and companion through a healthy and organic lifestyle. IG: biofanorganicshop FB: Biofan Blog www.zdravoteka.ba

Working Hours

Shopping 10:00 - 22:00
Cafe 08:00 - 23:00
Supermarket 08:00 - 22:00
Parking 00:00 - 24:00
Exchange Office 10:00 - 22:00

Parking Price List

Monday - Sunday
08:00 - 22:00 * 2,00 BAM / h
22:00 - 08:00 ** 1,00 BAM / h

First 15 minutes of Parking is free!

* Every hour of parking 2.00 BAM

** Every hour of parking 1.00 BAM

Compensation for the lost parking ticket for each day of use 40,00 BAM

Vehicles parked on unmarked locations will be blocked with a surcharge fee 40,00 BAM per day