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SILHOUETTE in Studio Optika Oculto

Choose your lightest view of the world. Silhouette glasses are the lightest glasses in the world that you won't even know you're wearing.



They weigh only 1.8 grams, so they do not leave imprinted red spots on the nose and ears and do not create pressure on the nose, which makes them ideal for all-day wear. And that is not their only advantage. They are recognizable by their frameless design, which means they do not change the contours of the wearer's face, and therefore do not restrict the view. We offer a wide selection of designs and colors of handles and patterns of spectacle lenses, which means that the possibilities of combination are almost endless. They are suitable for all types of eyeglass lenses (monochromatic, progressive, office, sunglasses with diopter)


The SILHOUETTE FW22/23 collection is available at Studio Optika Oculto.

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