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Wet Brush

Love our Wet Brush brushes! You don't go anywhere without them, they are simply irresistible⁉️ Introducing a new limited series: WetBrush Pro Detangler Crackled Rose Quartz



The sensitive scalp no longer has to withstand painful plucking, breakage and hair damage.
The magic of the Wet brush is in specially formulated IntelliFlex needles
IntelliFlex needles are thin, strong and very flexible
They have the so-called. mental flexibility, they are also very solid


IntelliFlex's adjustable flexibility eliminates strain, damage, tearing and hair pulling


Hair does not crack or fall out
It offers healthy combing and combing, creating a perfect transition from washing to styling

PotUsed on wet hair, Wet brush painlessly combs even the thickest and hardest hair thanks to IntelliFlex ™ revolutionary needles

Wet brushes IntelliFlex ™ needles are made very thin and flexible, and the hair recovers quickly to its original state
In addition, the balls on the tips of the needles provide a massage that stimulates the circulation of the scalp, making it even healthier
WetBrush allows everyone to have beautiful, soft and healthy hair and combed and neat curls
It is available in various color variations, for each family member.

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