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Ten is the perfect number!

The main characteristic of this delicacy is looseness.



 The beef mixture is not at all stuffed or rubbery, and the cevapi themselves are perfectly salty (not oversalted, which is often the case!).
The percentage of fat is quite low, and the cevapi are perfectly baked. You will get the portion steamed and the cevapi inserted in the middle.
(lightly toasted and by no means overcooked).
The onion is extremely tasty, sweet and crunchy. After cevapi in MRKVA you will not feel the "weight" in the stomach, you will be satisfied with the price-quality ratio and realistically eat a really solid barbecue.

58 years since the beginning of our story and the opening of the first cevap house in Baščaršija at 13 Bravadžiluk Street, where it is still located today. 



The secret of Mrkva cevapi and burgers is expressed in the unique taste, which is worth trying at least once.

Isn't the Carrot tradition long and original enough to guarantee you safe enjoyment?

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