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Discounts in LULU GOLD!

Summer discounts that will cool you LULU GOLD go up to -50%!



For many years, Multibrend store has been recognizable in our market by finding the most popular fashion brands in the world: Tommy Hilfiger, DIESEL, Celvin Klein

DIESEL is well-known to everyone, in its authentic and recognizable fashion style. In his autumn / winter collection, he tries to get us back to the nineties. Inspired by the music of that era, rock music. What is visible on models that are relaxed, combined with leather, mostly oversized and details like stripes, dots.

Especially interesting to our market Calvin Klein brand which is recognizable by its casual expression of modern lifestyle. It offers a wide range of men's and women's clothing, accessories and important for the noted great choice of laundry. You know which is recognizable by the elegant design and the quality of both cotton and fashionable clothes.

LULU GOLD Multibrend store offers its customers a fantastic summer discount -50%

In the Multibrand store Lulu Gold, two female Italian brands, IMPERIAL and Oltre, can be found recently, which boasts superior Italian quality and simple and sophisticated design.

These two brands are characteristic because they combine seemingly incompatible materials, styles and design. Inspiration finds a dynamic, creative and modern woman in the life, and thus adapt the materials that will keep the modern woman on all occasions. In all collections, emphasis is placed on the combination of various materials in which the plush and detail predominates, the emphasis is placed on the floral details. Most of the models feature sporty elegance.

What's certain is that in a wide range offered by LULU GOLD, you can find many models and meet your fashion needs,

Visit us at one of the sales facilities located in Sarajevo - City Center II floor, and with the help of our kind staff, choose the perfect clothing combination.

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