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Countdown to EYOF 2019 has begun, Timer on SCC square

The official presentation of timer for counting the remaining time until the beginning of the European Youth Youth Festival EYOF, which will be held in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo in February 2019, was held in front of the Sarajevo City Center.



The ceremony was attended by Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka, Director of the Sarajevo Tourist Board Nermin Muzur, Chairman of the Olympic Committee of BiH Siniša Kisić, and Director and Deputy Director "EYOF 2019" d.o.o. Senahid Godinjak.

Godinjak thanked all support partners, saying that they give an unselfish contribution to the festival being presented in the best possible way in February next year.

"The KS community has recognized the project in the best possible way and work on a partnership basis. I believe we will fulfill our expectations and be good hosts next year," Godinjak said.

Chairman of the Olympic Committee of BiH, Siniša Kisić, said that EYOF is the biggest sports event in BiH since the Olympics.

"The Olympic Committee is in some way an accomplice with the cities of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, which will be the biggest sports event in BiH since the Olympics in 2019. At that time, experts said that these were the best games. I am convinced that the games will be successful and that to gather about 1,500 athletes, officials, trainers, staff and BiH to return to the Olympic route, "said Kisic.

Director of the Tourist Board of Canton Sarajevo Nermin Muzur believes that EYOF is of great importance for both the capital and the state.

"The tourism community recognized the importance of the project and, of course, supported it. I want to believe that this is just one of the exams we will put in quality and that this will be an overture for the new winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo," Muzur said.

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdullah Skaka welcomed everyone and added that he hoped there would be many good sports competitions.

Apart from the timer presentation, the mascot of the Groodvy festival was also revealed, and all citizens will have the opportunity to learn through the interactive HD screen the necessary information about the project, communicate with the company "EYOF 2019" d.o.o., and participate in various prize games.

EYOF is a sports olympic festival featuring young people between the ages of 14 and 18.

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