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A unique offer for your little ones, only in Eurekakids BiH!

Tricycle and balance bike, 2 in 1!



Once your little ones gain practice in riding a tricycle, they develop a sense of balance and self-confidence in just a few movements turn it into a balance bike. 
 It is very comfortable and even has a part where you can store your favorite toys and take them for a ride. 

Age: +12
Price: 149.90 KM


Our store in Sarajevo is open - with all precautions, visit us at @sarajevocitycenter!
We want to provide you with quality, educational and fun toys for children in these extraordinary circumstances, and we continue with efficient and fast delivery to your address.
 For orders over 100 KM, delivery is free!  For all orders in BiH, the delivery price is 9 KM.

 For all inquiries, contact us via a direct message on your Instagram profile, and place your order online through the web shop: https://eurekastore.online/ 

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