Welcome to Sarajevo City Center


SCC office tower gives the opportunity to interested party(ies) for interaction with all of the Shopping Mall tenants and hotel guests. SCC carries several fundamental components that will ensure its successful operations:

  • Top city location,
  • Excellent communication and access infrastructure, and
  • Development model designed for mixed use between shopping, business, and leisure guests.


SCC Office tower rises from the 5th up to 17th floor with a leasable area of more than 6 000 square meters. Vertical communications are separate from the rest of the SCC and they have independent function only to serve Office Tower.


At the ground floor the allocated tower area is 244 sq.m. which can be utilized as bank lobby service point area. Office space at each floor is designed as open working space with accessible electrical room and toilets. Each floor can be organized in many variations according to requirements; the flexibility of the floor plan is among highest values of office design. Current stage of finished work leaves open space for tenants to create changes in technical or architectural design.


Office Tower has steady conventional shape decorated with a playful two-color façade. More than 1 100 parking spots are available at 5 underground garage floors arranged according to the latest parking technology systems.


Access to the Office Tower is provided through three entrances: from the northern and southern side pedestrian route, from main promenade, and from main promenade square oriented toward Bosnian Parliament building.